Where Can I Buy EasiYo?

You can buy directly from us through our online shop, or creating an account with us. We also have distribution through Gilmours, Trents, Bidood, Service Foods and other Foodservice Distributors

Online Shop

Our team are processing orders every working day.  Please allow up to 2 days for your order to be processed (as sometimes a large number of orders will create some backlog).  Once collected by the courier you'll receive a tracking number via email so you can track your delivery.

Once our team pack your order you'll receive a tracking number sent to the email address you entered at checkout.  You can use this link to check the progress of your delivery.

Shipping is included in our product price. There is no additional cost for shipping.

No. With our Foodservice online store you simply pay with a credit card online.

You will need to contact us to request an electric Yogurt Maker. Please contact our team here.

Yogurt Makers

You can wash the inner pot in a dishwasher or steraliser.

To clean the outer part of the Yogurt Maker dab a little dishwashing liquid on a cloth, and wipe your yogurt maker down to clean and odourise it. Don’t immerse your yogurt maker in water as that could damage it.

All About Our Yogurt

We have a Plant Based range recently launched in NZ. This range is made from Coconut & Soy. It is currently only available in our retail size packs. You can buy online from us here

Unfortunately, our sachets are not recyclable or compostable. That's because our sachets need to have an oxygen/water barrier to keep the cultures viable. At the moment, there’s simply no suitable recyclable packaging solution that meets this need. We continually review our options and hope to solve this issue in the future. It’s important to you, and it’s important to us too.  

All EasiYo yogurts contain Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus acidophilus. Some products also contain the Bifidobacteria strain. It’s the combination of cultures that gives our yogurt its wonderful taste and texture.

No, none of our yogurts contain any gluten or wheat.

Yes, soy lecithin is present in small amounts in the milk powder we use, because it helps the milk powder dissolve in water more easily. 

It sure is! All our products are vegetarian friendly. We have also launched a Plant Based range which is Vegan friendly.

Hmm, no. We don’t recommend eating anything after its best before date.

Our Foodservice range of yogurts can be kept for up to two weeks in your fridge. Always check the storage instructions on the sachet.  

Our yogurts are all Halal suitable. That means that all ingredients used are Halal compliant.  We also undertake an annual certification of our latest range.

Unfortunately if you’re allergic to cow’s milk then EasiYo Yogurts are not suitable for you. In terms of lactose intolerance, each person is different in their degree of sensitivity. Our yogurts do contain lactose naturally from the milk and this is used in the fermentation process, however the lactose levels in our made up yogurt varies. Depending on your tolerance, you may be able to enjoy EasiYo homemade yogurt—but please, always ask a health professional for their advice first if you have intolerances or allergies. 

The base for our EasiYo yogurts is milk powder and yogurt cultures. Depending on the style or flavour we also add sugar, natural colours and natural flavourings. You’ll need to check the sachet itself for a full list of ingredients. Be assured though that none of our yogurts contain any stabilisers, artificial colouring or additives. 

In our Plant Based range the sachets contain Coconut & Soy as the main ingredients. You can see the ingredient list on the product pages.

Our mixes don’t contain any ingredients made from nuts, and to the best of our knowledge there are no traces of nuts in our products. However, we rely on information from our suppliers and don’t do any tests on our products ourselves for the presence of nuts. If you have any concerns, please check with a medical professional.

There are so many ways to get creative with EasiYo, however don't add anything before the yogurt is set. That’s because additions may disrupt the activation of the yogurt cultures. After your yogurt is set you’re free to get inventive with serving ideas. Check out our recipes here to get started!

Yogurt Cultures

EasiYo dairy yogurt sachets (which includes the cultures) have a shelf life of 18 months when stored unopened, in temperatures below 25°C.

EasiYo Plant Based sachets have a 15 month shelf life from date of manufacture.

Please check the best before date printed on the back of your EasiYo sachet.

Actually, the live cultures are because of you! Because EasiYo is made fresh in your kitchen, you get billions of live cultures in every serve right from day one. Better yet, because our yogurt has so many live cultures it’s naturally thick, which is why we don't need to add any stabilisers or thickeners to our yogurts. Now that’s goodness all round.

The number of live cultures is at its highest on the first day – one serve of freshly-made EasiYo dairy yogurt contains over one billion live cultures. But the good news doesn’t stop there. We’ve tested our yogurt and even at the end of two weeks in your fridge, there are still billions of live cultures in every serve. 

The cultures are freeze dried. This simply means that all the moisture is extracted so that the cultures can 'hibernate' until they’re reactivated with the addition of water and heat in your EasiYo Yogurt Maker.

Yogurt Making Process

It's easy to make EasiYo Yogurt following these steps:

1. Prepare the Yogurt Maker

Put room temperature drinking water into the outer pot of the Yogurt Maker, filling to the line approximately a third of the way up the side.

2. Mix the Yogurt Base Sachet

Third-fill the inner pot with room temperature drinking water and thoroughly whisk in a whole bag of EasiYo Yogurt Base. Continue whisking while topping up with more water.

3. Leave to set

Put the lid on the inner pot and gently lower into the outer pot. Plug the Yogurt Maker in ad press the red start button. Leave to set for 8-12 hours then refrigerate the inner pot. Once chilled, serve.

It may seem like magic, but it’s really quite simple! In order to grow, our yogurt cultures need warmth, moisture and food (for example lactose which is a natural milk sugar). When yogurt is made according to EasiYo sachet instructions, our yogurt maker provides the perfect conditions to activate our yogurt cultures creating your own homemade yummy thick yogurt in just 8-16 hours (depending on the type of EasiYo yogurt you are making).

For delicious, perfect yogurt every time, our EasiYo yogurt sachets contain all the ingredients you need – simply add water. There’s no need to use a bought yogurt as a starter.

Our sachets are specially designed to be used with the EasiYo Yogurt Maker. While there are other ways of making yogurt from scratch, our system makes it easy, fun and fool proof when you follow our instructions!

The temperature of the water you mix the sachet with needs to be 15-20°C. If you live in a warm climate, you may want to chill your tap water in the fridge for a little while to bring it to the correct temperature. 

Don’t stress! Your yogurt will keep in the yogurt maker for up to 24 hours without being adversely affected.  You may find it is tangier in taste due to the longer fermentation time.

This extra liquid is simply whey being 'expressed' from the yogurt and is part of a natural process. Commercial chilled yogurts may contain thickeners and stabilisers to absorb the expressed whey, but we prefer to keep our yogurt free from additives. Simply stir any whey back into the yogurt as it’s highly nutritious, or you can pour the whey off if you prefer thicker yogurt. You can even add the whey to your smoothie for an extra protein boost.

Setting time is related to temperature and can vary depending on the temperature of the water you mixed with your yogurt sachet (15-20°C is ideal) and even the temperature in your kitchen. This variation is entirely normal for a live product that is free from thickening agents.

The EasiYo system is designed to eliminate the hassles of incubating and stabilising milk. Any milk you need is provided in powdered form in the EasiYo sachet – simply add water for delicious yogurt every time.  

After 8-12 hours (or 12-16 hours for our High Protein range) your yogurt should be put straight into the fridge as the yogurt is still very soft and delicate. We know this is hard, because it’s so tempting to start eating the freshly made EasiYo yogurt right away! However, patience is a great thing and your fresh yogurt will become a firmer set when chilled in the fridge for a couple of hours.

If your yogurt is still completely runny (like milk) after a few hours in the fridge, please review the instructions on the sachet and check the best before date. Remember, it’s crucial to use the correct water temperature to make up the yogurt sachet, this water must be 15-20°C in the 1kg Maker, and 12-16°C in the 500g Maker

Yes we can! If you’ve tried everything and your yogurt still isn’t setting to your satisfaction, please contact our customer care team here and they’ll be happy to help you out.

High Protein Yogurt

Each 200g serve of EasiYo High Protein Yogurt contains 17g of protein!

In New Zealand and Australia, the recommended daily intake for protein is 50g for an average adult diet of 8700kj. That means a single serving of EasiYo High Protein Yogurt can provide up to 1/3 of your daily protein needs!

You can buy it directly from our website here, or find it with alongside other EasiYo yogurt sachets at selected supermarkets.

Due to the special formulation with higher protein, it takes a little longer for the cultures to work their magic. We recommend waiting 12-16 hours for your protein yogurt to set, and remember to chill it for a couple of hours before you eat it.

Yes! Take a look at all your options here.

Our flavoured protein yogurts contain lactose and less than 2g of added sugar and natural sweetener per serve. See each flavour sachet for details.

Leaving your yogurt to set for longer may result in a stronger tasting, more tangy yogurt. Our protein yogurts need more time to set than our other EasiYo ranges because of their high protein content, which makes the yogurt cultures work very hard! That’s why we recommend leaving it for 12-16 hours before popping it into the fridge to chill.

Plant Based

We use a blend of soy and coconut powders to create our delicious Plant Based yogurt base.

Our yogurt is called plant based as the main ingredients used are plant based ingredients. There are no animal or dairy based ingredients used in the recipe.  However, it is manufactured on the same line that produces our dairy yogurts (after extensive cleaning of course). This means that there is a small chance that traces of dairy may be present, which is why we call it plant based.

Yes, our plant based products are vegan friendly in that they do not contain any animal derived ingredients. However, it is manufactured on the same line as our dairy based products. We wash our equipment thoroughly between batches to minimise any cross-contamination as much as reasonably possible. That being said, we cannot guarantee that there are absolutely no traces of dairy in our plant based yogurts.

No, this product is not recommended for people with dairy or lactose allergies or intolerance. While there are no dairy ingredients in the recipe, it is made on the same production line as our dairy based products so it may contain traces of dairy.

Our plant based yogurts are super easy to make, but they do require just a little special care to get it right. First, remember to use your 500g Mini EasiYo Yogurt Maker. When putting the mix in the jar, use slightly cool drinking water (12-16°C) and a dry jar lid. After 8-12 hours in the yogurt maker, pop it in the fridge. Once properly set it will have a mousse-like consistency. You may notice bubbles on the top. This is normal and the product is perfectly safe to eat. Simply scrape them off with a spoon, stir and enjoy!